Professional Development

We offer our professional detection training services to operational or prospective detection teams across a number of fields.

Develop your professional teams through:

  • Drive building

  • Search clarity

  • Obedience to odor

  • Trained final responses

  • Environmental conditioning

  • Continuing education training for operational teams

  • Any other point of concern!

Benefits of Organization-Wide Training Options

  • Training with us provides your business or organization with more than the necessary state or federal requirements. We provide all training analyses and logs during and after the training session to ensure compliance.

  • Don't lose money on certification testing- routine training (and an optional extra training session within the month of recertification) safeguards your bank account, and integrity, from failed certifications.

  • Increase the speed, proficiency, and accuracy of the K9 and Handler team through routine training.

  • Decrease the workload on the Handler and increase their quality of work.

  • Save time and money on the job- for paid contracted teams, faster, more efficient work means more opportunities for jobs and contracts.

What makes us different?

Unlike most other detection training organizations, our business does not offer our direct detection services for private or public gain. Instead, we devote our services to the training and maintenance of all working, professional teams. This means we are unbiased and objective when working with teams from a variety of, sometimes competitive, fields. We are have and are available to sign non-disclosure agreements at your request.


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