Our Program



In service to the AKC Detection Dog Task Force and beginning through a collaborative effort with TK Hot Retrievers, we aim to to produce a high-quality, domestic supply of detection dogs through the purposeful breeding of working Labrador Retrievers.




All animals used in this program are proven detection dogs, dogs who have been proven to produce quality detection dogs, and line outcrosses to dogs proven to be strong, willing, and capable hunters in the field to maintain genetic diversity.

All animals used in this program are fully health tested for degenerative joint and eye disease as well as breed-specific genetic testing (see litter pages for health information).


Litters are whelped in our home and raised in a home environment until they leave us. Puppies practice individual crate training and are comfortable being crated alone prior to leaving us. Puppies practice house training and have begun to be conditioned to relieve themselves outside prior to leaving us. Puppies are exposed to a wide variety of different people, noises, dogs, animals, surfaces, and objects throughout their development. Puppies are conditioned to seeking and hunting behaviors in preparation for future advanced detection work.

All puppies raised through this program are provided with Early Neurologic Stimulation and are raised with Puppy Culture


Dams are fed a scientifically-based diet of Royal Canin HT 42d from the start of their heat until the 42nd day of gestation. They are then fed a diet of Royal Canin Medium Starter through the end of gestation up until puppies are weaned. Puppies are continued on this diet until they leave us or until 12 weeks of age. These diets provide scientifically recommended, physiologically accessible essential fatty acids and researched nutrient complexes to promote high levels of physical and neurological development.


Puppies are primarily sold to federal, state, local, and private agencies who use dogs for detection purposes. All puppies will undergo aptitude testing throughout their development and placed at no younger than 8 weeks into the most appropriate agency or career field. Those interested in a puppy for detection work should apply using the form below.

While the primary function of this breeding program is to produce and provide high-quality detection dogs, those aiming to purchase dogs for sporting or service purposes will be contacted if a puppy does not show appropriate aptitude for detection work. Those interested in a puppy for these purposes may apply using the form below.

All puppies are sold with AKC limited registration- full registration will be available once each dog has undergone and passed full health and genetic testing- minimum: hips (good or better OR PennHIP <0.30), elbows (normal), eyes (normal), CNM (clear), EIC (clear), prcd-PRA (clear), dilute genotype (DD).
Because we are constantly analyzing and evaluating our program, we recommend all buyers register with the AKC and perform hip and elbow grading and eye evaluations at maturity (>24 months of age). 

Some puppies may be sold on a co-own basis, primarily females. These animals will be intended to be used in our breeding program. All expenses related to breeding, including genetic testing, are paid for through Kaiser K9, and your female will be fully released to you permanently once the female has had four litters (if possible for the individual) or if she is determined to not be suitable for breeding. Male dogs sold as co-owns may only be fully released to you once it is determined the dog will no longer be used at stud or if he is determined to not be suitable for breeding. Co-owners must live within 200 miles of Baltimore, Maryland to be considered.

Puppies are priced at $1,250 with age-appropriate health care, vaccinations, and health guarantee.


Planned Breedings

A Spring 2019 litter is being planned with Fahren.
You may pre-apply for consideration through the application below.

Please complete the above application for consideration.