Kaiser K9 Handbook

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Kaiser K9 Handbook



Please order your personal copy of the Kaiser K9 Handbook and Curriculum: Scent Detection Training for the Sporting K9 Team © 2015, to learn more about our processes, methods, and class structures, or to simply learn more about scent detection.

Whether you are just starting out in nosework, having been competing for years, or are a working K9 handler who wants to learn more about how to get the most out of their dog, this is the handbook for you! 

Included in the Handbook: 

• 80 pages of educational and instructional information with photos

• Contents Include:

1) What is scent detection?

2) What are the goals of a scent detection dog?

3) Properties of Odor and Odor Recognition

4) Use of Training Logs - Introductory Training

5) Handler Training: Responsibilities of the Handler

6) Handler Training: Reward Timing and Placement

7) K9 Training: Odor Recogntion

8) How Stress Affects the Sporting Team

9) Introduction to Scent Detection Class Structure 

10) Introduction to Trialing and Trial Readiness

11) Building Drive and Confidence

12) Motivation and Motivators

13) Importance of Generalization

14) Use of Training Logs - Trial Readiness

15) Teaching the Search Pattern

16) Training the Formal Alert

17) Organization-Specific Readiness Information


Current students receive this copy for free. If you are a current student, please contact us for your discount code. 

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