Quill- Our BARCS Foster! *ADOPTED 7/10*

This is Quill!


  • Name: Quill
  • Breed: Terrier Mix
  • Age: 7 months
  • Sex: Male
  • Size: 40lb
  • Color: Seal with white
  • Reason at BARCS: Found abandoned in vacant lot

Quill Loves:

  • Learning new things
  • Eating food
  • Playing with toys
  • Giving kisses

Why should you adopt Quill?

  1. Are you looking for a lovable, happy-go-lucky, sunshiney dog in your life? Quill's your man.
  2. Do you enjoy exploring the world around you and are looking for a companion to keep you company, maybe at a hiking trail or park? Quill's your man.
  3. Are you looking for a younger dog who is already house-trained, crate-trained, and learns manners quickly? Quill's your man.
  4. Do you like a dog who's quick of mind and body? Quill's your man.
  5. If you're looking for a dapper gentleman, who is already dressed in his finest tux, Quill's your man.

What he has to say for himself:

Hi, I'm Quill!  I'm a young boy who looks forward to a long life of being your best friend!  I'm in a foster home right now and am learning a bunch of new things like sitting, walking politely on leash, and shaking paws!  I love my new human friends and enjoy giving them kisses while we lounge at home.  I absolutely LOVE food and my foster parents say I would make a great training partner!  I would excel in dog sports like agility or flying disc.  Though I've never had the chance, hiking sounds like a good time, too!  I can't wait to meet you!

Updated 5/26/16

Quill started learning his loose-leash walking skills!

He also started working on his paw-shaking skills!

Then he professionally hung out with us! He's really good at that ;). 

We've only had him a couple days and today was his first walk. He did wonderfully!

Updated 5/27/16

A happy, snuggly boy who is learning to shake paws!

Updated 5/28/16

Quill learned all about automatic doors! His life before he came to us was very isolated and lonely and he's really enjoying seeing what life has to offer him!

He's very motivated to learn about this big wide world. He has some catching up to do but he takes it in stride and enjoys the process! We love seeing how resilient he is and how open he is to investigating all these new things!

Quill learned all about automatic doors and was a super brave, good boy!

Updated 5/29/16

Quill is learning how to play tug and he LOVES it! He would love a home that would play with him or teach him to play a sport!

Updated 6/1/16

Quill is seriously the best of both worlds- great cuddler and super play buddy!

Are you ready to bring your new best friend home? Quill would love to meet you!

A shareable picture of this awesome boy!

A shareable picture of this awesome boy!

Updated 6/5/16

Quill got neutered yesterday (hence the lack of pictures!). He is available IMMEDIATELY for adoption- you can meet him and take him home the same day!

We've now had him for almost two weeks and we've learned a bunch about him. Here are the highlights!

Temperament- Humans

Quill is a sweet, loving boy. At his vet appointments, he is routinely noted to be "super sweet", and that's at the vet! 

He is good for handling and grooming, does not fight restraint and is easy for baths. 

Quill has never been around children but he seems to have a neutral-positive response to everyone he meets. He is exuberant and young and would do best in a home where parents are aware that this young, strong boy could potentially knock a child over just by being his goofy self! We have absolutely no temperament concerns about him and children.

Temperament- Other Dogs

Quill got an A on his dog test, meaning he exhibited social, non-aggressive off leash behaviors around other off leash dogs.

He is interested in looking at other dogs on leash but does not pull, bark, or otherwise react on leash. Once his leash skills are better, this should be no cause for concern.

Quill is a bouncy, happy, physical boy who will likely do best in a home with an equal playing partner, or one who doesn't mind his antics. He does not seem to need doggy friends in his life and would do fine as an only dog.

Activity Level

Quill is a young boy who will need a moderate amount of exercise (30-60 minutes). He would do best in a home that could walk him a couple times a day. He does not need hours of hard exercise, but would enjoy playing games like tug, fetch, and maybe even disc!

Quill settles exceptionally well in his crate. He would be a fine choice for someone who works all day, as long as he was granted attention and exercise when they get home.

Quill would do well for someone looking for a more active dog, as well. He would likely enjoy hiking, walks around town, and any type of dog sport!

Overall, Quill seems to be able to go with the flow and facilitate the lifestyle you would like from him. As long as he gets to hang out with his people, he's a happy boy!


Quill loves to chase things. He would do very well in dog sports that incorporate chasing into the training- agility, flyball, lure coursing, etc.

Quill LOVES to play tug. He does need to learn an 'out' and to have some control mixed into the game- go when told, stop when told, out when told. But he's a fun guy and will handle control well!

Quill loves food and will let go of a tug for food. He can get distracted in new places but will still take food in stressful situations. We expect his food drive will only increase the more he learns and understand reinforcement markers.

Physical Build

Quill is built beautifully. He is proportionate with good, but not bulky, bone. He is well-muscled but not overbuilt in any way.

Quill is around 45lb and will likely gain a few more pounds but not much. 

Quill was malnourished, skinny, and covered in fleas when he was picked up by animal control. He has improved dramatically, and has gained around 3 pounds since intake 2.5 weeks ago.

Overall temperament

Quill is a fantastic dog, exuding all positive qualities you could think of!

He is a puppy and has had little to no structure in his life, so he will need someone who understands that continued training and management of his behaviors will be required, just like any other dog!

Quill has shown resilience in the face of stress; he recovers exceptionally quickly, even though this whole big wide world is brand new to him! He has not shown any odd fears or anxieties and enjoys going new places, seeing new things, and exploring the world around him.

Overall, Quill is as good as it gets for someone looking for a dog's dog. He'll be your best friend, your constant companion, your snuggle buddy, and your play buddy. 

Updated 6/6/16

Quill started learning nosework yesterday and he LOVES it!

This boy is so smart and picks up on things quickly. He will be a joy to work with!

Quill was introduced to nosework and he was awesome!

Updated 6/10/16

Quill is doing well with learning the basics! He asks that his new home continue to help teach him. 

He LOVES learning and enjoys the time spent with you. Not only will these skills help him through the rest of his life, training sessions offer engaged bonding time between you and your dog. Your relationship will only be better for it!

Quill learning sit, down, and body pressure!

Updated 6/11/16

On our evening walk, we took a swing by Lowes to pick up some stuff. Quill did great with all the sights and sounds, and happily met a couple who had a few BARCS alums.

Quill got excited when he heard "BARCS Alum" and wants to know how to be one of those. Well, he just has to get adopted!

Meet this sweet boy today!

He's a great snuggler!

He's a great snuggler!

Like any dog, with proper exercise, Quill is makes a fabulous home companion!

Like any dog, with proper exercise, Quill is makes a fabulous home companion!

Updated 6/13/16

Quill got to go to the trail for the first time today! He saw lots of new things and was overall fantastic on leash. Very happy with this boy!

How he's still with us is a complete mystery! 

He has met a lot of people of all ages, genders, and sizes without any issue (though sometimes he can't hold his licker ;) ). He has been gentle, respectful, and loving with all the children he's met (aged 3-11). 

He is fun-loving, smart, athletic, and solid temperamentally. Seriously. This boy needs a forever home, and he's giving it all he's got! 

Adopt him today!

The sun shines wherever this boy goes!

The sun shines wherever this boy goes!

So brave!

So brave!

That empty seat on the bench is for you!

That empty seat on the bench is for you!

The sun made his seal coloring POP!

The sun made his seal coloring POP!

Walking so politely!

Walking so politely!

This boy is more than just arm candy, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't love how handsome he is!

This boy is more than just arm candy, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't love how handsome he is!

Updated 7/7/16

Quill is adjusting well in his new foster home!

Quill has been around children aged 3-13 and loves them! He does well with other dogs and is appropriate and social even when other dogs aren't. He is very smart and has learned/is learning:

  • Come
  • Down
  • Sit
  • Wait (at doors and before coming out of his crate)
  • Easy (no leash pulling)
  • Out (drop something out of his mouth)
  • Leave it

Quill is house trained and crate trained, walks nicely on leash, and has been social and loving with everyone he's met. 

Have you been thinking about adopting this amazing boy? You will get your chance to meet him this Saturday!

Quill will be at the Petco in Towson this Saturday, 7/9 from 12-3pm!

Saturday, July 9: Petco Anneslie from 12 - 3PM
6325 York Road, Baltimore, 21212

Show up early and adopt this sweet boy THIS SATURDAY!!

More information about the event available here: www.facebook.com/events/705132302957804/

Updated 7/10/16

Quill was adopted today!