Perry- Our BARCS Foster! *ADOPTED 3/26*

This is Perry!


Perry will be staying with us until he finds his forever home!

The Stats:

  • Name: Perry (Peregrine)
  • Breed: Retriever Mix
  • Age: 2 years old
  • Sex: Male Neutered
  • Size: 45lb
  • Reason at BARCS: Authority Seizure

What does Perry love more than anything? 


Perry also loves people, snuggles, and giving kisses!

Perry didn't know a lot of love before he became part of the BARCS family and he would really love a forever home to settle into and call his own.  

He doesn't require much!  He is a simple man with simple tastes- he'll eat anything, anytime, anywhere.  He likes to play but doesn't need a lot of exercise.  More than anything, he just wants to be with his people.

Perry settled in enough to play tug today!

Updated 2/8/16


"A Gentleman" is the best way to describe Prince Perry, as we like to call him. He really just wants to hang out and be loved. I took him for a 30 minute walk this morning to try to clear our heads. He was so lovely; a bit lively when we first headed out, because he LOVES walks, but we got our groove. He's not a puller, even in a harness.

Runners, barking dogs, and squirrels didn't seem to phase him. He should make for a good walking buddy for trails and city streets alike! Because he doesn't require a lot of exercise, he should be fine in an apartment or house with a small yard, as long as he gets his beloved walks!

How this sweet boy hasn't found a home I'm not sure. He needs some work on being alone, but he has all the love in the world to give to whoever wants it! Come meet this gentleman as soon as you can! He would really love a forever home to call his own! 

Perry is such a gentleman on walks!

Perry also wants everyone to know he ROCKS at nosework!

Perry was introduced to odor yesterday. Today, you can see he clearly understands what he's looking for and how to play the game. Way to go, Perry!

This smart, loving boy would be a great addition to the right home! 

Perry showing odor recognition in his 2nd session!

Updated 2/11/16

Perry got a bath and is showing off how bright and shiny he is! He also still loves playing tug and eating ALL THE FOOD!

Surprisingly, he's done very well as a dinner guest and, while he likes to lay on the floor near you, does not beg or act pushy in any way. 

Updated 2/13/16

Have we mentioned how much Perry LOVES his walks!?  He doesn't care that the wind chill is at or below 0 degrees- he's no princess! 

He is still lovely on leash on his harness and it's obvious how much joy walks bring to him. 

Perry says "Let's go for our walk!"

Perry says "Let's go for our walk!"

Updated 2/15/16

Perry enjoyed his first real snow day with us today! We love him :). He's a rather quiet dog but as you can see really REALLY loves going for walks! "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this dog from his walks"!


He's looking for a forever home on the quieter side who will give him time to settle in and help him learn how much fun life can be! 


He'd make a great walking or jogging buddy but doesn't need a lot of exercise. More than anything, he wants time to snuggle and hang out and make sure that you don't get lost in your own house ;).

Perry's first real snow day!

Updated 2/17/16

Today, for the first time, Perry played with a toy in our house (other than a tug)!

Now that he's more settled and relaxed in our home, we see a lot more bubbly, playful energy out of this boy! He's still an easy keeper, just a little bit of playtime and he's back to sleeping at our feet!

Perry playing with a toy!

Updated 2/19/16

Perry likes to meet new people and make friends!

He's a great kisser...

... a great play buddy ...

... and a great snuggler!

Updated 2/22/16

We took Perry for a training/socialization walk at the Trolly Trail on Saturday.

What a beautiful day and a lovely environment for positive exposure to people and leashed dogs!

Updated 2/25/16

Perry played outside for the first time this week! The natural light brought out his beautiful chocolate color!

Perry says "throw the ball!".

Perry says "throw the ball!".

He's such a fun boy, full of life and joy!

Updated 2/26/16

Perry has a new adoption flyer- check it out and share it!

Perry BARCS Flyer

Updated 3/1/16

Perry had a lovely walk at the trail today!

It was 60 degrees and sunny- perfect to enjoy the breeze and get in the water!

We've been asked if Perry would enjoy hiking- the answer is a resounding YES!

And at the end of it all, he'd like to sit down and give you hugs and kisses!

Perry spent some time working on 'choose to heel', which we had never worked on before, and splashing around in the water enjoying the spring weather!

Updated 3/5/16

We think this video speaks for itself! 

Perry isn't asking for a lot for his forever home-

  • A soft bed
  • Good food
  • Pleasant strolls
  • Someone to love him forever

Could you be that person? Perry would love to meet you!

He's not asking for much. Could you be that special person?

Warm your heart, and your lap, with the gift of forever love! Adopt Perry today!

Updated 3/10/16

This cutie wants to bounce his way into your heart!

Perry says if you don't think he's cute enough to get adopted, maybe his insane bouncing skills will float your boat!

He also loves to hang out and enjoy nature! He wanted to continue to adventure down the river, but we told him we didn't want to get wet. If you like to hike, Perry would make a lovely companion!

Updated 3/15/16

Perry spells personality with a capital P! He's so silly, and this morning was no exception. Instead of going to the door and going outside, Perry grabbed his bone and hunkered down in the kitchen for hang-out time before he was ready to go potty.

Seriously, if you've ever wanted a dog with charm, personality, and a way with words, this is your man!

Updated 3/18/16

Can you make this lucky leprechaun extra happy this weekend!? 

His adoption fees are WAIVED until the 20th! Contact us or BARCS to meet him!

Update 3/26/16

Perry was adopted today! Thank you to everyone who was interested in him and helped us find him the perfect forever home!