TK Hot Expect Great Things TT - “Fahren”

TK Hot Expect Great Things TT - “Fahren”

HR SR Three Cedars Best Buddy Ron - “Ron”

HR SR Three Cedars Best Buddy Ron - “Ron”

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Fahren is a 45lb rocket of a dog. Fahren currently works as a bed bug detection K-9. She is one of the most intense working labradors we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Fahren leaves nothing to be desired and is everything a Labrador should be. She has one of the highest food drives imaginable, intense prey drive, and incredible social affiliation. She does everything at 110%- she works, loves, and lives at warp speed. Even with that, when not working, Fahren likes nothing better than to sit on the couch with you and be loved on; above all else, Fahren is by far the most social Labrador out there. Fahren began bird training before she came to us and showed a natural affinity to pointing; she brings the same intensity of the point into her alerts on odor. Fahren has great working structure, is very well-sprung in rib and is never winded; her physical and psychological endurance makes her uniquely suited to detection work. Fahren has exceptional environmental stability and is able to walk into any situation without question or hesitation.
Fahren's pedigree is a who’s who of champion, top producing Labradors, including 3x- 3xNFC-FC-AFC Candlewood's Tanks A Lot (1997 Hall of Fame), 4x- 2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac, and 8 HOF within 5 generations. Additionally, her sire, Revitt Up Kohl Expect Great Things JH, has been used successfully to produce numerous detection dogs for agencies throughout the country.
Fahren’s first litter produced two puppies. The female, TK Hot Kaisers Lo And Behold, is a detection and flyball dog prospect. The male, TK Hot Kaisers One Giant Leap, was hand-selected to join MA-TF1 and is preparing to be a USAR K9. See information about Fahren’s first litter HERE and follow their progress on Facebook.

About Ron

(From his excerpt on the Three Cedars Retrievers website):
“Ron is the perfect blend of his sire and dam we hoped for when we decided to enter the breeding world. He got all of the best from his sire, Mas. Drive, energy, great nose and intelligence. He also got all of the best from his dam, Babe. Personality, manners and a strong desire to please. Ron is a heavily muscled male with incredible stamina and energy in the field. He weighs in at 89 pounds. His large head and frame allow him to easily pick up and carry even the largest game birds and waterfowl. Like his Mom, Ron is also a situational pointing Lab. Ron works with me in the 3CR guiding service where he is usually the hunters favorite. Over the past three years he has pointed, flushed and retrieved well over 3000 upland birds for our clients. In the off-season Ron has earned some NAHRA titles and recognition [HR, SR, NAHRA Hunter Brass Band Award, Regional Started Invitation, and Regional Hunter Invitation].”
Ron’s littermate, Socks, the first graduate of and accomplished dam for the Penn Vet Working Dog Center, is a successful Explosives Detection K9 with the University of Pennsylvania Police Department. Ron’s full sibling from a repeat breeding, Gus, is a PVWDC graduate and successful USAR K9 with NM-TF1. Another full sibling from a repeat breeding, Scout, is a PVWDC graduate and successful USAR and Narcotics K9; Scout also participated in the PVWDC Red Arch Antiquities Study.

About this breeding

We expect highly driven firecrackers from this pairing. We expect highly social puppies with stellar environmental stability and exceptional noses. This litter will produce biddable, intelligent dogs with strong desires to work. We expect these puppies to be of medium-to-large build with solid working structure. We have high expectations that this litter will produce high-quality detection and working dogs. If there are some puppies who do not fit that bill, this litter is also capable of producing exceptional hunting and sporting companions. Our breeding program goals prioritize placement into detection and working homes/agencies.

If you are interested in a puppy from this breeding, please visit our Program Page!
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A $250 deposit is required to hold your spot once your application has been accepted.


Whelp Date: May 27, 2019
Earliest Go Home Date:
July 22, 2019

Litter Colors:
• All puppies will be black.
• All puppies will be yellow-factored.
* No puppies will carry the dilute gene.

Litter Numbers:
• Total:
• Boys:
• Girls:

Litter Results:

Boy 1 (Andy)- Single-Purpose Detection
Boy 2 (Jerry)- Hunting Companion
Boy 3 (Craig)- Hunting Companion
Girl 1 (Leslie)- National Disaster Search Dog Foundation
Boy 4 (Ben)- Penn Vet Working Dog Center
Boy 5 (Sebastian)- AKC Patriotic Puppy Program
Boy 6 (Tom)- Three Cedars Retrievers Guide Services